Kinsmen Mastiffs

Established 1988

Kinsmen’s Independence Day

Indy is our resident guard dog.  She makes sure I know of every leaf, frog, squirrel, rabbit, you name it if it is in the yard, Indy tells me.  Indy is the first one out the door and the last one inside.  She feels it is her job to bark at all the “things” outside her fence and she takes that job very seriously.  She makes us laugh all the time.  Indy loves everyone, she will sit on your feet and lean back into you until you stop petting her and sometimes longer.  Indy is also our resident dancer, she walks, but prefers to dance.  She is a hoot!!  She is pictured below winning her class in futurity at the 2007 MCOA National Specialty and above, more recently, playing dog show in the garden. 











Hi!  This is Ashley, and once again mom forgot something!  Indy is a huge goof ball, and I am going to show you what she looks like when she is sleeping. :)  Indy sleeps with me and Sirius, she hogs the pillows and always lays quietly, unlike her brother.  

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